Dear MVC users,

I had to migrate all my websites to a new server this weekend, unfortunately the new infrastructure doesn't allow to host myvideochat anymore.

The website was still relying on old technologies and as you have noticed, I was not able to support this project anymore during the last few years.

I will archive all the content on my end however you can ensure that all your private data is safe and will never be used or given away to anybody. The security of the website also started to be compromised since it was not maintained anymore...

If somebody wants to put in place something else on this domain (Facebook or Google+ page for instance) to allow you to keep contact with each other, just let me know. Some of the long time users know where to reach me :)

Thank you for your support during about 10 years and all the best for 2014 !


(December 2nd 2013)

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